I guess I have always seen drawing as way of expressing myself. My primary school teacher reportedly remembered me as ‘the boy that could draw’. Admittedly the school wasn’t very big; I think the teacher taught two levels simultaneously, so I had little competition. I drew technical stuff, combustion engines, boat frames and such, after which I would construct them out of twigs and paper. I still produce these kind of explanatory drawings for my art projects so that all participants get a visualisation of my ideas before we start our collaboration. Next to that, I also started producing short drawn stories or just simple daily life experiences. I also always have been very curious and found that drawing is an effective way of memorising how things work. I understood early on that our own imagination is the limit of our experience. All this has led me to where I am now: an artist interested in creating experiences that can be interacted with. Next to that, I am curious to learn how we interact with our environment and which role colours in this environment have in our attachment to our places.

I am beginning to discover how important the role of colour and light in people’s life is even when we are mostly not fully aware of it. I am trying to make people reconnect with their way of seeing. And I still draw as well 🙂

The drawings on display here are a random selection made over recent years.