Here are some images of the Eyelight in various settings. It has a strong presence; during workshops and exhibitions people reported its mesmerizing effects. In general people are drawn to it and are often keen to share their stories about colour experiences in their lives. It was exhibited in the university of Groningen before a multitude of Eyelights were installed at the Leeuwarden campus of NHLStenden University of applied sciences. These 7 Eyelights each represent a location of this university located on 5 continents. The real time colour of the sky over its campuses in South Africa, Quatar, Thailand, Bali as well as those in the Netherlands are translated to LED colours and shown on the relevant Eyelights installed in the lobby of its main building in Leeuwarden. The number 7 represents the 7 continents of the world as well as the anthroposophical number of renewal; events coming full circle.The programming has been done in close collaboration with Anne Pieter Boonstra.