These are some pictures of commissions I have done a few years ago. Some of them are prints on glass and others sandblasted images. I was commissioned by architects who had been given the brief to create new facades for historical buildings to accomodate a whole new function. Wooden doors and plasterboard partition walls were replaced by glass with my images printed onto them. These images were all based on and inspired by the direct environment of the actual building.

Another category of commissions involved back-lit digital prints on glass. I have included one image of the commission I did for the University Hospital in Groningen. My brief was to create windows in a window less meeting room for surgeons.

The third category includes epitaphs. These were requested by family after a loved one had passed away. One of them I made for my mother. It is a pleasure to see semi transparent glass ‘tombstones’ on a graveyard that is often full of gray and black granite colors. My epitaphs are generally meant for people that have enjoyed life for all its colours and light.

  • commissions screenprints on glass
  • commissions back-lit digital print
  • commissions epitaphs